Introducing the Thoroughly Good Coaching Blog

Writing an introductory blog post seems an odd thing to do.

Everyone knows how blogs work, just like all of us know how to exit an aeroplane in an emergency, don’t we?

Where pre-flight procedures are concerned such explanations are a legal requirement. In the case of this blog an introduction just seems like a nicety. Hey ho.

The Corporate Bit

This Thoroughly Good Coaching Blog is intended to share my thinking as an executive and leadership coach about the coaching process. It’s intended for practising professionals and those looking for or receiving coaching. It champions the art and gives a taste of my work.

I’ve been practising for over three years, having accumulated nearly 150 hours of coaching experience in the media industry. I was trained at the BBC where I spent ten years working as a multimedia producer and an award-winning digital editor.

The More-Human Explanation

For those mildly put off by jargon, this more direct explanation might help.

This is a blog about coaching. I’ve written it because I’m a passionate advocate for the coaching process. Coaching is something I’ve benefited from personally. Coaching is something I want others to benefit from too.

When I trained to be a coach I found it a revelation. When I work with clients in need of answers, I’m energised by the process.

And because practising as a coach demands the learning never stops, writing about the thing I love doing the most seemed like a no-brainer.

Who is the blog for?

I’m going to use some bullet points for this bit. Your time is precious, after all.

This blog is for anyone who’s:

  • curious about how coaching might help them; people curious about how their mind works
  • being coached right now
  • been coached
  • looking to support their ongoing development

What will you find on the blog?

Such things are an ever-changing feast. But for starters, you’ll find explainers, personal experiences, and recommendations. Regular updates in non-jargonny words.

What won’t you find on the blog?

There will be:

No solutions

Me giving you solutions isn’t what coaching is about.

How do I know what your challenge, thought or issue feels like? How can I provide you with an authoritative statement on what you should do to meet your goal?

What I’m intending is that, like any good coaching session, I’ll help you discover the solutions yourself.

Instead, expect some techniques to help you along your way. Read personal accounts of how I trundled around low-level obstacles and deepened my thinking. Maybe some alternative thinking will help. Different ways to identify and change unhelpful beliefs might help too, plus some suggested tools and methods to get to where you want to be.

No simplification

Some blogs (they’re usually clickbaity) promise the world in a headline. Implicit in that headline is an assumption that every one of us can have our problems summarised into 140 characters.

Such over-simplification obscures the complexity and the uniqueness of our individual experience.

So instead we acknowledge that not everyone is the same, and that stuff isn’t easy. After all, if life was easy you wouldn’t have sought out coaching and I’d be out of work.

No confidences broken

What goes on in the coaching room stays in the coaching room. Confidentiality is sacrosanct.

That’s central to coaching. So, none of what you read will feature anything that relates to any clients past or present. Instead, you’ll read snippets of my discoveries instead.

Where you can find updates

Regular updates will appear on this blog. You can also follow @TGoodCoach on Twitter. Or subscribe to receive email updates using the form at the bottom of this post.

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If you have any suggestions about posts which you’d like to see featured, or you’d like to write for the Thoroughly Good Coaching Blog, please get in touch by emailing Jon Jacob.


Jon Jacob is an Executive Coach specialising in leadership, career, transition programmes and personal development.

He runs one-off face-to-face sessions and multi-session programmes according to your needs.

For further information email him at



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