Thoroughly Good CPD #1: Freelancing, Self-Awareness, and Emotional Correctness

Coaching demands learning. Being coached demands ongoing learning too.

So, in the spirit of continuing learning, here are a handful of interesting things I’ve appreciated over the past seven days.

4 Minute Read: The Death of the Monthly Salary

Something for anyone staring redundancy in the face.

Does a monthly pay-check mean we settle for consistency? How might an absence of a guaranteed monthly income change our outlook?

Ritika Bajaj writes on Medium about how turning your back on a monthly salary changes your outlook.

“You’re more relaxed, you realise you didn’t need so much in the first place, you learn how to make do with less, and most importantly you’re way more creative and inventive with your work and funds.” 

3 Minute Watch: Self-Awareness

Talent Sprout have some beautifully animated videos, this one on self-awareness is one of the best.

What I like is the way it goes beyond just talking about the how, and illustrates why being self-aware is so valuable.

A reminder for all of us. Beautiful work.

4 Minute Read: ‘Get It Done’ Executives and their impact on Agile staff

Chris Matts is a project manager delivering IT projects in investment banks. He has some useful information on how executives and senior managers ‘get it done’ drivers have a negative impact on those working on Agile projects.

Even if you’re not working in an Agile environment, there are valuable insights to help promote and sustain a healthy culture in a creative environment.

6 Minute Watch: Be Emotionally Correct

This short TED Talks video from Kathy Kohn takes awareness and ramps things up a bit. Kathy advocates using good intent when we interact with people. She’s also proposing thinking compassionately about the people we speak with. When we do we’ll stand a better chance of listening to, rather than shouting at, one another.

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Jon Jacob is an executive coach with over three years experience specialising in leadership, career, transition and personal development coaching programmes at the BBC. Follow @TGoodCoach on Twitter. 

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