Louise Flett from Inkling London: Strategies are frameworks upon which creative work can flourish

Louise Flett from Inkling London has some interesting tips on LinkedIn illustrating the value of taking a writer’s approach to developing strategies.

These two paragraphs are especially useful:

Where we start is just where we start. It shouldn’t be where we end up. See Picasso’s image that Apple use to train staff. Picasso starts with a realistic picture of a bull, and over a series of 11 images hones it down, identifying the edges and elements which give the bull form. It ends with him removing everything extraneous, finding the simplest outline that still communicates bullness.



Strategists are the scaffold builders, we build the framework upon which the creative work can then flourish. And because the strategist often feels judged more on the strategic output than creative output it can be hard not to show everyone just how clever all of your thinking is: the stats, the studies, the quotes. But they’re how you got there, not where you ended up. If you removed them what would happen?

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