Results Day

I’ve been thinking about a news story I saw online today, about a man who ‘failed’ his A-Levels but went on to become a multi-millionaire.

The story made me think about the messages we unwittingly give people in those moments when they reach out for support.

On a day when teenagers are discovering what grades they’ve achieved and whether they’re heading off to higher education, might some of those end up thinking that if they don’t get the grades they needed, their next chance at success is making millions?

And if that doesn’t work, does that mean they’re a failure? It got me thinking. If I had offspring getting results they hadn’t planned for, what would I say to them?

What I say would (of course) be different to you. But I’ll go first.

If they asked me what it was like for me, I’d ask them how they thought my recollections could help them. I’d ask them what they needed most.

Then I’d tell them that when they needed someone to think things through with, they need only tap me on the shoulder.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not offering advice. Who am I to advise you or them?

The bottom line is, I’d want them to know that however they chose to act, they’d have my support, whatever that support meant for them in practical terms.

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