Plan Your 2018

Resolutions suck. They achieve little.

Renewed by a few days away from work, we start promising ourselves all sorts. New habits. New outlooks. New health.

It’s all bollocks. It doesn’t work.

The year starts. The resolutions fade. A sense of failure creeps in. So the cycle continues.

I reckon there’s an alternative way of looking at the run-up to the New Year. Resolutions are essentially just actions you’re committing to. But before you can decide on the actions for the year ahead, you do need to set out what the goals are.

Think Clearly about a New Project

This time of year – the no-mans land between Christmas and New Year – is my favourite. It’s when I think clearest. It’s not so much the opportunity for a ‘new start’ (another unhelpful ‘motivator’). I see it as the start of a new twelve month project.

For the past few years I’ve scribbled down my twelve month goal on a bit of paper, committed it to a blog post and set off on my year. I usually review the previous year’s blog post around this time just to see how I’ve got on.

This year, I’ve committed the process I follow every year to a worksheet. It has a look of Sunday afternoon doodling about it, I have to be honest. But it taps into my values. I find the process of handwriting processes into a notebook meditative. That deepens my thinking. There’s also something marvellous relaxing about titling, typefaces and the sound of a felt-tip on the paper.

So I share my planning worksheet here because the process works for me. I figure others might benefit.

Download the Thoroughly Good 2018 Plan 

Jon Jacob is a BBC-trained and ICF Accredited Coach, specialising in management, executive, and leadership coaching.
He currently works with people in the arts, media, and higher education.
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