We are the people we admire: Lorna

We are the people we admire. We just don’t realise it.

Reflecting on those individuals in my professional and personal life who have an impact on me is a valuable exercise.

Little wonder. In business terms, what’s going on here is kind of virtuous cycle.

Put in slightly more human terms, the process reminds me that things I admire about someone else are the nascent, unacknowledged, or overlooked qualities of my own.

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We are the people we admire

Digital media has given me endless opportunities over the years. Web design, perl coding, and databases opened up a world of possibilities. Blogging and podcasting legitimised personal creativity. Social media has provided a valuable communication platform too. There’s an underlying need to keep it all fresh though because we fall…

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3 questions to ask yourself before writing an email

Met up with a friend last week who’d attended a training course designed to kick-start organisational communication culture.

Top of her list of discoveries was a new way of using email.

“Ask yourself three questions every time you sit down to write an email. If you can’t answer those three before you send anything, then you shouldn’t be sending the email in the first place.

One. What’s the situation?
Two. What is it I know that you don’t?

Three. What is my suggestion or question?

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Are you really working distraction free?

We spend a lot of time thinking about how procrastination stops us from getting work done. But, do we overlook the things we unwittingly tell ourselves when we’re actually doing the work? 

Convention dictates that we spend a lot of time on procrastination as the block to getting things started. But do we need to spend time avoiding the distractions when we’re actually doing the task?

How aware are we of that process going on in our heads? How helpful is it? Are we succeeding in spite of it. And if we are, what change can we bring about if we challenge that engrained thinking?

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